Trouble Sleeping? Here are Five Tips

Everyone has had at least one of those nights: after an entire day of complete exhaustion, you finally brush your teeth and crawl into bed, only to have trouble falling asleep. Everything from stress at work to relationship issues can cause insomnia, and some days it’s simply unavoidable. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to get a great night’s rest, even on days when your brain keeps running late at night. Counting sheep won’t help you fall asleep if you don’t take good care of your body, try to live days that aren’t filled with stress, and eat well. A lot of what leads to trouble sleeping stems not from the individual day, but from a lack of a routines and schedules that allow your body to predict and prepare for when you’ll be resting. No sleep tips in the world will help you if you refuse to try and fall asleep and wake up around the same time each day. Past that, here are five tips that will help you avoid the dreaded late-night insomnia:
  1. Create a Bedtime Ritual
No matter your personality, your body likes to work on a schedule and within a routine. You should absolutely do the same things before bed each day; whether that includes taking a shower, brushing your teeth, and then reading in bed, or listening to relaxing music while you meditate. Stay away from electronic screens, as staring at the screens can stimulate the sun to our subconscious brains, leading to hours of sleeplessness. Try to stick to your bedtime ritual while traveling, and your body will have an easier time adjusting to a new time zone or bed.
  1. Skip the Night Cap
Breaking open the liquor cabinet or raiding the wine cellar may seem like an attractive option after laying awake in bed for a couple hours. After all, drinking alcohol makes you sleepy, right? Well research shows that, despite the sleepiness you feel while drinking, alcohol prevents the body from ever reaching the deepest stages of sleep – leading to restlessness throughout the night and an extremely tough morning. Instead, try warm decaf tea, or room temperature water (as cold water can keep you awake as well).
  1. Get Your Exercise In, But Not too Late
It may seem obvious, but if you work out during the day, both your mind and body will be more tired at the end of the day and allow you to fall asleep, no matter the stressful issues taking place in your mind. However, don’t go and exercise too late unless you like late nights, as riling up your bodies hormones and blood flow results in several hours of chemically-induced energy post-workout. If you didn’t have a chance to make it to the gym or the track that day, instead of working out late at night, try stretching, yoga, or meditation.
  1. Do Your Best to Manage Your Stress
The further medical research dives into the effects of stress, the more it appears that it has a part in almost every major medical illness, chronic disease, and negative emotion in a human being. Stress isn’t just a momentary mental frustration, but a physical state that, in ancient times, was reserved for ‘fight-or-flight’ situations. In the modern world, it is easy and quite normal to remain in a state of stress throughout most days – and that wreaks havoc on your ability to fall asleep, and stay in a deep sleep. Get organized, delegate, change careers, let a troubled relationship go; do whatever you need to do to live in a state free of constant stress, and you’ll be amazed at your improved state of life.
  1. Get Comfortable
Unless you’re a Japanese samurai who sleeps on a bamboo cot on the ground, your body should be as comfortable as possible when you go to sleep. This includes finding a mattress that is right for you, maintaining low light and sound levels, and picking bedding that makes you want to fall right asleep. Mellanni’s brushed microfiber bedding is absurdly soft, durable, and wrinkle-resistant – so it’s easy to take care of and easy to fall asleep in! Check out our Amazon store for our latest deal on the world’s softest sheets, and good night!

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