Tips to Help Your Kids Sleep Through The Night

As parents, we’ve all learned our own techniques for keeping our kids on a strict bedtime schedule. With that being said, we’ve also learned it is not an easy task. Talking with other parents and sharing tips and tricks is always helpful when you need to find a new way to wind your kids down and get settled for bed. Here are a few of our favorites tips we’ve found to be quite successful with the little ones.

Bedtime Stories

Who doesn’t love a good story! There is no better way to sooth your kids in to a night’s sleep than with a sweet bedtime story. Keep a good selection of books in your children’s rooms and always make sure to buy new ones so you have a good mixture of stories to read together. Just the sound of your voice will send your kids to little baby heaven.

Strict Routines

Dinner, play a little, brush your teeth, hit the sheets. When you set a strict bedtime routine, your kids will always know what’s next. If they know once they eat dinner they have about 30-45 minutes to let their food digest and play off a little extra energy, their minds will be programmed to start shutting down. Keeping a set bedtime for week nights especially is very important for your kids sleep pattern. Their bodies will automatically know when it’s time to shut down.

Don’t Hurry In The Middle of The Night

We know, every parent wants to play superman when they hear their little one crying in the middle of the night. But, running to their rescue is not always the best idea. Often, babies and toddlers are capable of falling back to sleep on their own. Once they see or feel the comfort of mom or dad, it could possible wake them up completely and make it harder for them to fall back asleep. Though it’s tough, try to wait it out before you rush to their side.

Stay Active During The Day

Staying active does not always mean running around the house. Let your kids run free at a playground, or site see throughout the city on a walk. Keeping your kids active during the day will only guarantee a good night’s sleep. Plus, you don’t want your kids to be stuck inside when they could be enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort!

Let’s face it, no one sleeps well when their sheets are not comfortable. The most important thing is making sure your child is sleeping comfortably. Our super silky soft, hypoallergenic, stain resistant sheets will be sure to meet the comfort needs of your little ones. You can shop our different colors and styles here.

Sleep is the one thing every person needs to ensure their days are productive and enjoyable. Without a good nights sleep, whether you’re 6 years old or 60, you will not be able to reach your full potential the next day.

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