Tips For Choosing A Kid's Bedroom Theme

We all had our favorite character when we were younger. From princesses, cars, pirate ships and jungle scenes: kid's rooms are the ideal space to embrace your creativity. Whether you are preparing for a newborn or your little one is ready for a fresh new look, these tips should help you select the perfect theme for your kid's bedroom decor. 

Getting Started

There are three things to keep in mind before you pick a theme for your kid's bedroom. Budget, longevity and how easily the decor will be to switch out once your kid grows out of the design. If you are a parent, then you know kids change their minds faster than you can imagine. 

Talk To Your Kids

More often than not, your kids won't hesitate to share what they like and dislike. Take a moment to sit down and chat with them to see what ideas they may have. You want to create a room that expresses your child's character. However, do keep in mind you'll definitely want to make sure the concept you both come up with will also compliment the style of the rest of the home. 

Get Creative

Kids love color, they love art and they obviously love to play. There are many ways to get creative with your kid's bedroom theme so put that thinking cap on and see where your mind takes you. Murals are often a great way to brighten up a kid's room. You can paint quotes, pictures, even bring to life a scene from one of your kid's favorite stories or places they have visited. If you are decorating for your daughter, think gardens for tea parties or farm animal themes. If you are decorating for your son, think knights and dragons or a jungle theme. 

Decorate with Love 

Don't hesitate to incorporate the history of your family and childhood elements into the design. Sneak in those baby pictures and maybe a few toys from their older sibling. Kids love to watch themselves grow and when they have older siblings, they always enjoy the idea of playing with a toy their brother or sister loved when they were younger. 


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Now it's time to create the ultimate bedroom theme for your little ones, enjoy! 

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