Reasons Why Reading Before Bed Leads to Better Sleep

We are all guilty of laying in front of the tv at night until it's time to turn the lights off. Though it seems relaxing, watching television or playing on your smartphone or tablet until you're ready for bed can often prevent you from getting a good nights sleep. Your body needs to decompress and slowly transition. Reading has proven to be a great way to set yourself up for a night of peace and relaxation. So what makes reading lead to a night of good sleep? We're glad you asked. 

Reading Rituals Can Change Your Sleep Habits.

Relaxing your mind disconnects you from the outside world full of noise, entertainment and stresses. The problem with many of us, we are too connected to our devices that we try to find the same peace in reading from our ebook, ipad, or smartphone over the weighted paperbacks. What some of us don't realize is that staring at a screen only keeps us awake longer. Its like we never left the office. Starting a reading ritual is highly benefiting and helps prepare your body and mind to wind down those loud thoughts and exchange them for peace and quiet time. Reading takes your imagination away from your daily mental mingling awhile signaling your mind to encourage your body to prepare for sleep. For instance, picking up a book, lying down, resting on a pillow, and allowing your eyes to do all the work can help you fall asleep faster and enjoy quality sleep throughout the evening. Developing your bedtime rituals can enhance the consistency of having better sleeping patterns.

Reading Improves Mental Wellness and Prepares You For A Better Tomorrow.

Many scientist have discovered that reading before bed promotes self relaxation reducing anxiety resulting in a more satisfying sleep. You become immersed in a world other than your own. Reading a book eases sleep by tuning out a lot of the stimuli and noise that keeps us awake at night. Lightweight and small enough to keep next to your pillow unlike a TV, diving into a book has none of the flashing lights and sounds that keep your mind working long after you’ve checked out for the day. Reading before bed creates an oasis of peace and serenity. In fact, it helps you retain more information in the morning improving your memory function. Regular reading before bedtime increases your brain power. It's like an exercise of the mind. The more you stretch, condition, and practice, the sharper and smarter you can become by the day. Being able to concentrate is a must in our daily lives. 

Making a conscious effort to take care of your body is vital. Switch out the reality shows for a good educational read and see how your body feels. It's important to be sharp and clear minded at the start of every new day and the only way to ensure that is by allowing your mind and body to receive the sleep it needs. 




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