Percale vs Sateen

Our goal is to provide luxury sheets at a price everyone can afford. From resourcing textiles to testing different thread counts, we’ve taken our time to make the best product available. What can make or break a set of bedsheets is the quality.  Most are hip to the difference between Percale and Sateen, however there are still some who don’t know. So, we’ve broken it down for you today.

Sateen and percale are weaves and require different looms. Percale weave is one thread over, one thread under. While sateen weave has a top thread that looks as if it’s floating over several bottom threads, exposing more of the thread to touch. The results each of these weaves provides is a much different sleeping experience.

 What is Percale?

Percale sheets are plain in weave and often characterized by a matte finish. Percale fabric is usually lighter in weight and more breathable making it perfect for the hot summer months. Due to its lightness, percale linens are extremely soft and crisp, like a fresh white button up. If you’re someone who often gets hot at night, percale is the way to go!

What is Sateen?

Sateen sheets are woven to create a much more silky surface and are often known for their luster and drape. Sateen is usually more tightly woven, leaving it to be a little thicker than percale. It has a soft, inviting touch, making it more than welcoming to snuggle into bed anytime of the year.  It’s like falling into a cocoon of comfort every night.

Some people are strictly percale, some are strictly sateen, however there is no right or wrong as to which is best. The decision is based on your sleeping preferences. Our range of sheets offer everything you need to get the best night's sleep ever. Check out our many styles here and find the perfect fit for you. 

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