Making The Bed with Mellanni

Making The Bed with Mellanni Video Tutorial

Is there a proper way to make your bed? Does making the bed the right way help you sleep better? It’s never too late to learn. With our step by step tutorial, you’ll be a master bed maker in no time!

The very first, and most important step of making the bed is finding the most comfortable sheets. With our easy care, ridiculously comfortable bed sheets, every night will be the best sleep of your life. Though we have over 30 colors to choose from, we kept it semi casual with our always popular white sheet set.

Begin with your mattress pad, we’re using our dust mite and bacteria resistant waterproof mattress protector which can be shopped here. Use the elastic to stretch the pad across the bed, tucking each corner under the mattress. After tucking the mattress pad in around all edges of the bed, follow it with your bottom sheet. Make sure the sheets match the size of the bed so it fits nice and snug. Always remember to smooth it out. Run your hands across the bed to remove any creases that might have been caused during the tucking.

Next, you want to evenly spread your top sheet to the head of the bed, but low enough to reach somewhat near the shoulder when laying down. Again, be sure to smooth it out, it can never be too smooth. Once all the creases are out, tuck the sides of the sheets underneath the mattress. Let the back of the sheet hang off the bed so it can be tucked below the bottom of the mattress. Give the sheets a quick tug to make sure they are smooth and tightly tucked.

Comfort is key, so we wrapped our Goose Down Comforter with one of our luxury Duvet Covers. Make sure to align the long side with the long side of the bed. Like your top sheet, pull your comforter up to about shoulder height while laying down, but preferably an inch or two below your top sheet. Fold the edge of the top sheet over the comforter so we can see the good side of the sheet. Place your pillows above the fold.

It's always refreshing to wake up to the scent of fresh flowers, so we highly suggest decorating your bed side with some plant life. We also advise something you enjoy reading, like books or a few favorite magazines that you can enjoy while relaxing in your perfectly made bed.


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