How to Create A Safe Bedroom for Your Children

There are tons of safety tricks across the web to keep in mind when putting together your kid's bedroom. With so many concerns floating around, how can we possibly feel like our children will ever be safe. It's important to remember, kids are kids and they will get some cuts and bruises here and there, but they are a lot stronger than you think. You never want to crowd your kid's space, but you do want to feel comfortable knowing they won't bump their head on any sharp edges without having to bubble wrap their entire body. So, here are a few safety tips we think you should keep in mind when preparing to design your kid's bedroom. 

Anchor large furniture. Toddlers love to climb and explore the many dangerous areas of their home. Thankfully, most furniture outlets sell easy-to-install anchoring systems with webbing straps that can be fastened to the back of the furniture piece and to the wall. This is essential for preventing any furniture from tipping over should your young one decide to go exploring. 

Control the cords. All cords are potential danger zones to young children. From outlet plugs to window cords, be cautious of how well they are exposed. Younger kids especially can get all wrapped up in these things so it's best to keep those wires hidden and out of sight. For your windows, try finding shades that do not require long pulling cords.

Safety Knobs. From dressers to door knobs, you want to be cautious of those small details that your child could run in to. Door knobs are also important to keep an eye on because once those little ones learn how to turn and open doors, it's game over. There are great knob covers you can purchase from numerous retailers that will help protect your child from not only running into them, but also from opening any unwanted doors. 

Once you've got your tricky corners dialed in, the final touch to the perfect bedroom for your kids is our hypoallergenic, wrinkle, fade and stain resistant super silky soft kid's bed sheets. You'll sleep better knowing your kids are cozied up in the best, most comfortable bed sheets around. Purchase your toddler sheet set here


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