How to Care For Your Pillows

Night after night, we lay our faces on our pillows and overtime, though it's not something we'd like to hear, debris builds up. Mixed in with debris are dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Needless to say, not cleaning your pillows can result in serious health issues. We all have our weekly laundry regimen we follow. Between sheets, towels, our personal clothes and those belonging to our kids and spouse, it's easy to forget the other materials in your home that need to be carefully washed as well. Pillows often fall into this category. But the real question, how do you properly care for your pillows? 

We alongside many experts suggest washing your pillow cases every 2 weeks at the most, if not every week. The pillow itself should be washed about every 3 months. Do keep in mind, if you own down feather pillows you can get them cleaned at a dry cleaner whereas down-alternative pillows can go into the washing machine. 

For daily maintenance, always use a pillow protector. When you wake up in the morning, fluff your pillow to release any dust or dandruff that might be built up. Also, fluffing your pillow helps to maintain the shape of it and keep it firm.

Drying your pillows are also something you should pay close attention to to avoid any of the 3 M's from happening, mildew, mold, and mites. Thoroughly drying your pillows can take several hours, but it's a step that can not be overlooked. Make sure to read the care instructions on your pillow. If it can go in the dryer, place several balls, we suggest tennis balls, to help the drying process. Make sure to check every inch of your pillow for damp spots, if there is the slightest bit of water, you can guarantee your pillows will smell like mildew. 

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