Bedtime Routine for Kids

Imagine this, it’s 7am and your daughter has to be at school by 8am. She’s not the fastest to get moving in the morning, so getting her up is a struggle, especially when you’re juggling making breakfast, preparing lunches and getting your kids dressed and packed for school. As your children continue to grow, they begin to understand and pick-up their personal routines that help keep them organized throughout the day

Kids don’t always want to be told what to do, so we suggest approaching this as a creative art project you can do with your little ones. Have them help you create a visual chart that they can follow. Let them color, draw and add any needed pictures to make the chart a fun and exciting part of their day. Using a whiteboard to hang their routine is always a great idea so they can go in and check off each part of their routine as they get it done.

Helping your kids establish a morning routine and night routine will be extremely beneficial not only for your little ones, but it will also keep things sane and organized on a daily basis. So, what does a good routine look like for your kids? We’ve put together a sample morning and night time routine that should work as a great layout to reference.


           Use the restroom

            Eat breakfast

            Get dressed

            Brush your teeth

            Put your shoes on

            Get your backpack ready for school


            Take a bath

            Put your favorite pj’s on

            Brush your teeth

            Use the restroom

            Story time

            Count sheep till you fall asleep

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